A&D plan alignment in moments

Built from within the industry exclusively for the top tier REITs and Funds, MMcre is the first real-time CRE Marketplace where key decision point information is exchanged first instead of last,
without revealing identity or strategic intent.

90 sec

The Hold Box

On and Off market in moments, alerting industry acquisition plans and searches that your specific property or portfolio is available, first come first served.

90 sec

A-Plan Assistance

Infill unmet acquisition plans with true, non-searchable Off-Market supply.

140 sec


Exclusive direct conduit to Bank REO and NPL senior partnerships for our MMcre membership.

Connection Automation

Real Estate is, and always will be, a belly-to-belly business - We automate what should be automated, leaving the people part of the business for the principles.

Patented Engagement

A new form of pre- contract with the freedom of a Letter of Intent, yet the exclusivity of a contract without violating 1031 timeframes.

A personal note from Jeff Smith, our Founder.

I created MarketMaker CRE from within the industry for you, as a member of the top tier 1000 most professional CRE firms. MMcre is a powerful CRE platform that does more to improve your A&D plan efficiency than anything else available. It is the single most effective way to gain competitive advantage over the rest of the industry, decrease transactional time and expense, adeptly navigate the changing CRE landscape more effectively and experience a new velocity of profits.


Our technology functions as a valuable addition to your A&D team, enabling you to do as many acquisitions or dispositions, principal to principal or with broker assistance as you wish, with less annual cost than you spend vetting one property. With MMcre you will do more single asset and portfolio transactions, more informed, more professionally, with far less eleventh-hour stress.

Our patented tech enables radically efficient, real-time alignment of key decision-making information, without revealing identity or strategic intent until it is optimal to do so. That one small change, changes everything. It enables what takes months to do today, to literally happen in hours or moments. 

MMcre is the culmination of over a decade of work. Most of our 1000 invited firms, over five hundred of you, participated in our RIISnet beta launch entering your data and A&D plans. The level of engagement matching from that beta group demonstrated strong A&D alignment between all participants. At launch, our beta version test group quickly and successfully transacted. We have continued to develop new patented efficiencies and are now ready for a well-timed market entry with a game changing platform that has no peer.

When people view our live demo and see the shift in efficiency, they are surprised that such a leap is here now, yet in the next sentence subscribers say, “This just makes so much sense, why hasn’t anyone done this before now?" We are updating the data from 25% of our beta customer base loaded in the system so you can see the real efficiencies for yourself when we schedule your demo.

CRE marketing today is mostly accomplished by pushing information through search engine matching platforms that bundle additional services for ease and convenience. It’s really all based on the old MLS technology, is tried and true but it’s very inefficient when compared to todays’ equities markets. MMcre uses a much more efficient “pull technology” that aligns your A&D objectives with the industry’s A&D objectives, pulling your most optimal counterparties to you, instead of pushing out a paragraph or a picture to find “a” counterparty.

And lastly because it’s always about supply, we are increasing your access to quality On, and truly Off-Market supply, held by Private and Public REITS and Funds and Corporate America. Additionally, MMcre directly aligns Bank REO to your acquisition plans or fosters NPL partnership opportunities through a new banking solution we are simultaneously launching to help with the default waves ahead, called BankAlign. 

Your job is hard and there are tough times ahead again, but the MMCRE technology is going to be a big help giving you greater intel, access and conditional transaction tools that will be critical in the years ahead. 

Market efficiency, and your success is a passion for me. I am sincerely thankful for your time and attention and am available to chat anytime. My personal email is and I would love to schedule a live demo with my team, hear your feedback or address your questions.

My Best,