Invisible, Uninterruptible

Because of Engagement’s invisible nature to all but the parties involved, it has exclusivity without the litigious nature of a standard contract.

True Freedom

As new form of pre-contract, Engagement has the freedom of a Letter of Intent, mitigating the risk of violating identification or time constraints. by allowing you to structure 1031 tax deferred exchanges.

Know What You're Getting Into

Easily and efficiently construct the elements of a transaction you would want to have in place before you have to enter into a contract.

Less Stress, More Control

Go anonymously On and invisibly Off market in seconds

See When to go to market, with Whom and Why

Forward-looking analytics

Access to pre-market supply and demand

Industry snap-shot transaction defense

Navigate 1031s with less deadline risk

Utilize brokerage more effectively

Built FOR Industry Professionals, BY Industry Professionals