A personal note from Jeff Smith, our Founder.

Market Maker CRE is the culmination of listening closely during hundreds of discussions with hundreds of REITs and Funds who participated in our beta. We then took years to build, listen, build, and listen some more to incorporate what you said you needed to gain a significant competitive advantage in a difficult marketplace. We then took our time to build it further into what is now your MMcre Version One.

MarketMaker CRE is an advanced planning and A&D alignment ecosystem that in the months to follow, will absolutely reduce months of inefficient work to optimal results in moments.

The feedback we have been getting from this version has been wonderful and I’m sure you will be excited about the new things that you will be able to exclusively see and do, that others can’t, like:

  1. Finally getting access to 90%+ more supply through the ability to align your inventory and searches with both live demand and non-searchable true off-market supply. This led to a new patent in process that actually enables this 90% increase in supply to come to you helping to infill your specific unmet acquisition plan needs in a manner that does not oversupply market pricing.
  2. The model demo proves that your supply access significantly increases with the efficient alignment of your buying and selling needs with the industry’s buying and selling plans in a manner where identity or intent is not revealed until it is optimal to do so. You stated you need to do that in a way that you can buy much more efficiently, and cost effectively than you do now, and we listened.
  3. The banks in our new Bank Align, Inc., model will be onboarding inventory and exclusively aligning that inventory to your confidential acquisition plans inside MMcre. But for the CRE assets that are heading for default, the bank will now be able to reach out to the borrower on your mutual behalf with a solution prior to default. You simply take over the asset and assume the note with a very senior position that protects the borrower from default, keeps the loan current, gives you a greater ability to add value and profit and helps the neighborhood and both industries. You asked and we responded with industry improving ideas, it’s what we love to do.
  4. Additionally, as expenses and cap rates rise your quest for profits becomes an increasingly difficult task. While the above will help a lot, you need better intel, forward looking real intel, not best guesses based on comps or AI. Next quarter you will be able to see the cumulative of the well thought out, vetted industry buying and selling plans in the aggregate, entered by quarter, and adjusted in real time. This gives you accurate forward-looking supply, demand, and valuation by quarter based on user reported real information, in real time.

There is so much more for you discover inside MMcre’s ecosystem. We have worked hard to make the complex simple and you have rewarded that effort by saying that the site is very intuitive and obviously designed by someone who has sat in your chair. We are exceptionally proud of those compliments.

But we are not going to stop there. We want to continue to be your partner and incorporate your feedback into the next version that our in-house tech team has already begun building elements of which will be rolled out later this year and early next year.

On the demand side we are an invitation only, professionals only site for institutional investors who employ strategies to purchase or recycle single assets or portfolios of assets, comprising $10M in value or above.

On the supply side we are enthusiastically open to top tier brokers and corporate supply who want better listing intel and to simply align their supply to the industry’s most professional plans and searches producing results in moments at far less cost and stress than it takes them today.

Your job is hard and there are tough times ahead again, but the MMcre technology is going to be a big help giving you greater intel, access and conditional transaction tools that will be critical in the years ahead.

Market efficiency, and your success is a passion for me. I am sincerely thankful for your time and attention and am available to chat anytime. My personal email is jeff.smith@marketmakercre.com and I would love to schedule a live demo with my team, hear your continued feedback and further address your needs.

My Best,